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Comica Obscura: pimping Vertigo stories

comica_obscura story pimping:

For those of you who might not have heard of it, Comica Obscura is an obscure-character fanfiction challenge that just came out. There are several stories on the archive that might be of interest to readers of this community, so I'm pimping them. *G* (The authors are a secret right now, but they will be revealed in one week-- you can leave feedback for the stories right now, though.)

There are five Vertigo stories on the archive.

An Invention, In Parts
Requested character: Mazikeen (Sandman, Lucifer)
You can leave feedback for An Invention, In Parts here.

Matrices of half-tone dots
Featured characters: Tim Hunter and Molly O'Reilly (Books of Magic)
You can leave feedback for Matrices of half-tone dots here.

Once Upon A Time
Featured character: Bigby Wolf (Fables)
You can leave feedback for Once Upon A Time here.

Thursday's Child
Featured character: Elaine Belloc (Lucifer)
You can leave feedback for Thursday's Child here.

Who Is Like God
Featured character: Michael (Lucifer)
You can leave feedback for Who Is Like God here.
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